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Language Policy

Welsh Language policy


The Porthmadog Maritime Museum is based in a strongly Welsh-speaking  part of Wales. The museum is an independent institution and a registered charity and is funded in the main by a small entrance fee and donations. It is sustained by a small pool of volunteers and supporters from the district. It is open from Easter to October; is a popular tourist attraction and is also visited by locals and school groups who wish to learn of the area’s maritime history.

The museum strives to deliver an appropriate balance in its use of Welsh and English and is committed to carrying out its activities and its public interpretation in a manner which is in line with the Welsh Language Commissioner’s commitments:


When someone writes to us in Welsh we will issue a reply in Welsh (if a reply is required). When we initiate correspondence with an individual, group or organization in Wales, we will do so in Welsh and English unless we know that they would prefer to correspond in Welsh or English only.

The above will apply to both email and print correspondence.


Where a symbol cannot be used, we will ensure that all our permanent and temporary signs will be Welsh and English with the Welsh and English text being treated equally with regard to size, legibility and prominence.

If separate Welsh and English signs are provided, they will be equal in terms of format, size, quality and prominence.

We will adhere to this practice when we install signs for the first time, or when we are replacing signs.


Documents produced by the museum for distribution to the public in Wales will be in Welsh and English. If Welsh and English versions have to be published separately (for instance, where a single document would be too lengthy or bulky), both versions will be of equal size and quality, available at the same time and equally accessible. Each version will note clearly that the material is available in the other language.

The above applies to all material produced by the museum but does not include published material from other sources for sale through our shop.

New media and ICT

Any interactive features on our website will have Welsh and English interfaces.

We will ensure that our social media activities have an equal amount of Welsh and English-language content.

Press notices

Press releases to the press and broadcasting media in Wales will be issued in Welsh and English.

When we post press releases on our website, they will always be posted in Welsh and English, at the same time.

Where possible, we will ensure that Welsh speakers are available to undertake interviews with the Welsh- language press and broadcasting media.

Advertising and publicity

All of the publicity, public information, exhibition and advertising material we use in Wales will be produced in Welsh and English, or as separate Welsh and English versions. If the Welsh and English versions have to be published separately, both versions will be equal with regard to size, prominence and quality; both will be available simultaneously and be equally accessible.

Learning Welsh

Our volunteers will be encouraged to learn or improve their Welsh, and we will actively support those who wish to do so.